Community Access and Skill Development

Community Nursing Care

At FORBETTER CARE, we aim to help the participants lead an empowering life filled with social interactions of all kinds. We understand the importance of fostering independence, social engagement, and personal growth. Our community access and skill development service empowers individuals to actively participate in their communities and develop essential skills that enhance their quality of life.

Community Access and Skill Development
Under our community access and skill development service, our support workers will:
  • Assistance and support to actively participate in community activities, events, and social groups like joining clubs, attending community programs, engaging in recreational activities, and accessing community resources.
  • Training and guidance to improve social interactions, communication skills, and relationship-building abilities.
  • Assistance in developing and enhancing essential skills for independent living. This may include training in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, budgeting, and transportation skills.
  • Support to develop skills necessary for employment or vocational pursuits like job readiness training, resume writing, interview preparation, job coaching, and on-the-job support.
  • Assistance in accessing educational opportunities and skill-building programs. It includes support in enrolling in courses, navigating educational institutions, and accessing resources for learning and development.
  • Support identifying personal goals, building self-esteem, and enhancing self-advocacy skills via workshops, counselling, mentoring, etc.

We understand the role that allied health services play in ensuring the overall well-being of the NDIS participants. Therefore, we will always assign expert allied health professionals to your care and ensure you receive holistic care and support.

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